The average wedding these days costs couples a whopping $35,000, according to a survey of 13,000 brides by the wedding website, The Knot. The national average cost of a wedding venue alone is over $16,000. Thousands more are spent on photographers, music, catering, flowers, and invitations. These numbers can make future-spouses cringe at the thought of dropping a year of private college tuition or the price of a brand new car for a 5-hour event. No doubt, a wedding is an incredibly special event, but not many couples are ready and willing to drop tens of thousands of dollars on one evening.

Affordable Weddings At Capital Region Ceremonies

Thankfully, Reverend Ron and the team at Capital Region Ceremonies are here to help. Before we get started, we want to remind you that the price tag of your wedding does not define you, your relationship, or your marriage. The only thing that matters is that you and your partner have a great time. We’re going to offer up a few ways to cut costs and throw an amazing and affordable wedding on a budget.

Of course, if a wedding ceremony and reception isn’t up your alley, consider eloping. Our elopement wedding officiants can get you married for less than the price of a ticket to Hamilton! Otherwise, keep reading for some inexpensive wedding ideas.

Where To Cut Costs In A Small-Budget Wedding

Cut The Guest List: Pretend you’re George R.R. Martin and your guests are all the characters in Game of Thrones. Now, metaphorically — not literally — cut them left and right until only the most important ones are left.

Cut Back On Flowers: Flowers can create a beautiful setting, but they are also quite pricey — and unlike your marriage, they’ll be dead in a week. Consider saving the flower budget for the bouquet get crafty with some DIY, flowerless centerpieces.

Consider E-Invites: Paper invites are so last year! Instead, create a Facebook group for the wedding and add those who are invited. The best part is if crazy Aunt Kay sees that Cousin Joe RSVP’d and Aunt Kay can’t stand Cousin Joe, maybe she won’t come to the wedding and you’ll save a couple bucks and a lot of drama in the process.

The Venue: As we mentioned before, venue costs average about $16,000. There’s no need to rent out the rooftop of a ritzy NYC building if it’s not compliant with your small-budget wedding. If you or a family member have a backyard you can use for free, go for it! Otherwise, our neck of the woods is full of beautiful parks where you can have your ceremony, or we can accommodate small weddings at our lovely chapel in Schenectady, Blessings.

The Music: While a live band or a DJ can add some fun to an event, a Spotify subscription and some speakers will get the job done for an affordable wedding on a budget.

The Food: Look, having a wedding is essentially like taking all of your closest friends and family out to dinner and offering to pay for their food and booze. There’s no need to serve fish or steak to your guests (who will undoubtedly have complaints about the food anyway). You know what no one ever complains about and everyone loves? Barbecued burgers and dogs.

We Can Help With Your Affordable Wedding On A Budget

Affordable weddings are generally much less stressful than big-budget weddings, meaning you and your future spouse can truly enjoy the day for what it is: two lives joining to become one. Our Schenectady wedding officiant can perform your ceremony and take care of the license at our affordable wedding venue, Blessings, or at a venue of your choosing. Get in touch with your wedding officiants today to start planning your elopement, small wedding, or wedding on a budget!

I do, I do


I will review your license, offer you a choice of a religious or non-religious wedding ceremony (all faiths and multiple faiths welcome) with choice of one reading. I will perform the ceremony and file your license. Up to four guests.

Rings and Things


I do, I do, plus a choice of one or two of the following options: titanium rings, a bouquet, bottle of sparkling wine (proof of age required), first dance, three pictures on your device, walking tour of historic Schenectady with a memory card. Up to 12 guests.

All Inclusive


I do, I do, and all of the following: a night at the Belvedere Hotel, titanium rings, a bouquet, bottle of sparkling wine (proof of age required), first dance, three pictures on your device, walking tour of historic Schenectady with a memory card.