1. Should I Have A Friend Officiate My Wedding?

    These days, nearly anyone can become an ordained minister. Not by spending years in school, not by dedicating themselves to the cloth, but by opening up a web browser on their smartphone, filling out a form, and waiting for official ordination documents to come in the mail. This has led to a slew of…Read More

  2. 3 Important Discussions To Have Before You Get Married

    At Capital Region Ceremonies, we are more than just wedding officiants. We’ve been in the wedding industry for a long time and have witnessed hundreds of couples from all walks of life uniting in marriage. Marriage often requires compromise, and in order to reach a compromise, tough discussions mu…Read More

  3. Unusual Places to Marry in NY State

       Yesterday I had the pleasure of marrying a NYC couple in Howe Caverns, in upstate NY. It was 52 degrees in the underground caverns and picture perfect. They have a special section, called the bridal alter, with a glowing heart.   It’s also the deal of the century, for $100, it includes ten…Read More

  4. Why a Personalized Service?

       The Who sang “One and One don’t make two, one and one make one”, and yes; they were thinking about love. In a healthy relationship, we are our best selves.    For deep love is far more than the physical passion you feel for one another. To truly acknowledge your blessing, you should g…Read More

  5. What Creative Uncoupling Taught Me about Marriage

        Running support groups and seminars with separated or divorcing individuals, has been wonderful, on so many levels. It is really fulfilling to see people work through the stages of loss, and acknowledge some shared responsibility. Often working through the anger and other building blocks, al…Read More

  6. Wedding Officiant Albany

    How Are Life-Cycle Celebrants Different?

    If you’ve spent some time perusing our website, you may be wondering what a “Life-Cycle Celebrant” is. When most couples think about who will perform their marriage ceremony, thoughts of officiants and ministers often cross their minds. Perhaps all of these options are making you say, “Minis…Read More

  7. Stressed about your wedding? Some words to relax with…

    I think it's important to acknowledge, that we are not just selling a service, we are providing an experience. Your wedding is possibly the first large party that you have ever organized. Some of you have used partners, planners friends and dear relative, to organize the event, and plan all the deta…Read More