The Who sang “One and One don’t make two, one and one make one”, and yes; they were thinking about love. In a healthy relationship, we are our best selves.

   For deep love is far more than the physical passion you feel for one another. To truly acknowledge your blessing, you should give it some thought. We have you do that for your personalized service, through our individual questionnaires. (Used with permission, names changed for anonymity.)

  • “I never realized that Steve taking care of the kids was one of his favorite qualities for me. It helped me understand his seemingly infinite ability to give unconditional love.” -Susan
  • “When her father passed, we would spend a lot of time hugging. That’s when I knew.”-Robert

  To be able to pick out moments of time, and acknowledge them, reminds us, that our partner shows us every day, in small and large ways; how much they love us. A couple who does this exercise, usually acknowledges that they actually love their partner more.

   I will sit down with these answers, and incorporate them into your love story, and sprinkle them elsewhere in your service. This reinforces these strong emotions, on your most special day, and every day after.

  Telling your partner, “I love you” is important, telling them why, means everything.