When you are planning your wedding, you want to make sure your wedding officiant is someone who is going to mesh well with your needs and desires. To learn a little bit more about me, check out this handy wedding FAQ.

How long have you been performing weddings?

Capital Region Ceremonies has been in business for over 13 years and has performed hundreds of weddings for couples in the region and beyond!

Why do you perform weddings?

It’s a passion of mine to write and perform which has been with me since college. I also take pride in demystifying the process of marriage, and calming couples for the transition into married life. These two passions, in my opinion, meld together perfectly to create a fun, caring, and compassionate wedding minister.

I feel closest to my partner when we watch Game of Thrones together. Do you perform themed weddings?

Yes, we do! If you can dream it, I can write it. We have done Princess Bride, science fiction, and various Disney themed wedding services. Ask me about a “Wedding in Four Acts!”

Where do you perform weddings?

Our service area is always expanding as we add more wonderful officiants to our team. By drawing a circle around Albany, NY, you can easily see the Berkshire, Vermont, Connecticut regions we cover. If you are unsure if we are the “wedding officiant near me” that you are looking for, just give us a call and we’ll let you know!

Who are you ordained by and where is your church?

I identify at Universalist Unitarian, and I was physically Ordained by The Universal Brotherhood in New Jersey 14 years ago. Our indoor wedding chapel is located in beautiful, historic, downtown Schenectady. Many of my other ministers have been ordained by other churches. The “Judge” received his authority by virtue of NY Statute.

Can we personalize our ceremony?

As your wedding officiants, we specialize in meaningful, personalized wedding ceremonies. We use a free, no-commitment interview session and can also incorporate written questionnaires to get to know you better. We want the perfect ceremony to represent your personalities, beliefs, and relationship. After the draft is complete, we will email you a copy for you for your approval and you can edit if you wish. We want your wedding ceremony to be fantastic, and are happy to edit with you on the draft (three drafts) until it’s perfect.

My fiance and I come from two different religious backgrounds. Are you able to help us?

There are certain commonalities in most religions that we use to blend your religious traditions while remaining true to both. It always helps the families to bond when they experience the new traditions that their children are incorporating. I have performed ceremonies for all cultures and religions with dignity and respect, and if you want specific traditions from any culture incorporated into your wedding, just let me know and we’ll be sure to include it.

We would like to have a religious wedding ceremony, can you do that?

Every one of our wedding officiants is ordained as non-denominational ministers or Judges, and perform both religious and non-religious wedding ceremonies.

I don’t want to mention (God, religion, anything spiritual, etc.) in my ceremony. Is that okay?

Absolutely, it is your wedding. I find that many non-practicing couples find a certain recharge while spending time in nature with their significant other. Magic is present as long as you have love. That being said, I have fond memories of Hindu, Moslem and other religious services that I have conducted. I consider myself a multicultural non-denominational minister but will be happy to exclude anything you wish from your personalized wedding service.

Do we need premarital coaching?

It depends. Have you already had the “Four Fights that every couple has?” If you have, survived, and you are still getting together, then no, probably not. Otherwise, it is probably the best money you can spend and will make the first several years much easier. I like to say, two hours with me, can save you a whole lot of time and money later.

Can we involve children in the ceremony?

Ring bearers and flower throwers are just the beginning. We can have rituals that involve the children, and special language to honor not just the children, but Mom, Dad, Grandmother or whoever is most important to you. When you or your partner have children, whether together or from previous relationships, you are bringing everyone together into one big family when you marry, and it can help children feel included in the transition when they have special roles in the wedding ceremony.

Do we have to have a memorial?

The short answer is no. I really find it to be a touching moment for many and can write words of light and love. We always follow it with a few seconds of silence, an upbeat reading, and your ‘Love Story’ if desired.

We love our dogs, can they be involved?

They can be ring bearers, carry in a beverage for your wine ritual, stand in as your Best Man, you name it. We love dogs, and I have three, personally. Cats, on the other hand…

Can you tell jokes?

Absolutely. Not only that, but I can inject lyrics from your favorite songs as readings. Let’s get creative together. As I mentioned earlier, I love writing and performing, and if you’ve ever been to a wedding with an exciting minister, you know how much of a difference a lively wedding officiant can make for a couple.

Do you perform same-sex weddings?

Yes! Love is love, and we work with LGBT couples all the time and are happy to marry any couple who wants to marry. It’s in my code of ethics. (Ask other wedding officiants if they have one!)

How do we book you?

Call, email, or come in for a free interview. We can do that on Google Hangouts if you prefer. We offer printed contracts or will send you a digital contract if you will only be town for a destination wedding in New York. We’ll hold your wedding date for 7 days while you have a chance to speak with the officiant and make a decision. To book your officiant, simply sign the contract and make a 50% deposit and you’re all set! (Even though we are an affordable wedding venue and officiant, in special circumstances we can do monthly payments to ensure that money doesn’t prevent you from marrying the person you love.)

When is my final payment due?

The 50% balance payment is due no later than 30 days prior to the wedding date.

How much does it cost to get married by you or your other wedding officiants?

We have transparent pricing and believe we offer the best value in the market. For every couple who thinks they have found a less expensive minister, once they start adding up all the extra fees that others charge which are already included in our packages, it becomes clear.

Do you charge separate travel fees?

After 60 miles each way there may be reasonable mileage fees. For destination weddings and weddings outside our service area, overnight accommodations may also be required. I am blessed and have had couples who insisted that I write and perform their ceremonies, and have even flown me out! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me and we can work out a plan!

What if I have to change my start time or wedding date?

Let us know immediately! If your preferred officiant has been booked, we will do our best to make sure your wedding is covered by our other fine officiants or even helping you contact a competitor who we admire. Trust that we have your back in hectic situations and your happiness is our ultimate goal.

Will you come to our wedding rehearsal?

Yes, for an additional fee with Silver Package, but a rehearsal is included in Gold and Platinum packages. We happily offer all of our couples a complimentary guide to running your own rehearsal, which outlines steps that everyone can practice. I like to practice the readings with your speakers at that time.

If I still want you to do my rehearsal, can I book it now?

Please do! We think rehearsals are important and take time to go over all the details with you and the event manager, if possible. Usually, your wedding officiant will attend the rehearsal unless they have another wedding at that time, in which case one of our other professional officiants will attend.

Do you allow pictures during the ceremony?

Yes, of course! We have heard horror stories about some ministers stopping the wedding to criticize the photographer! Pictures and video are taken during the ceremony, and all of our wedding officiants are happy to work professionally with your other vendors. Our officiants also make a quick side exit so they are not in your kiss photo!

My friend wants to marry us. Is that legal?

If they are properly ordained, then you are okay with that option. Keep in mind that public speaking is best left to the professionals. The local clerks in New York state tear their hair out over licenses that are not filled out properly or filed on time! That is why I get so many referrals. If you are in a situation where you need an officiant very quickly, please call us NOW at 518-587-1468

We’re already legally married, but no one knows. Can you still perform a ceremony?

Yes, we do a “show wedding” for a lot of couples each year, especially for military couples where one partner was deployed and a wedding needed to happen quickly before they left. It is illegal to perform a “fake wedding ceremony,” so we simply need to see a copy of your marriage license before you book us. No one need know the difference unless you choose to tell them!

My Ex/Dad/Aunt is Crazy! Help!

Let me know, and we will put someone in charge of them. We will have a plan, and that will add to your comfort level. This is just one of the ways we go above and beyond to ensure that couples have happy, stress-free weddings.

We want to get married but don’t want to do a big wedding or just go to the courthouse. What are our options?

We have a beautiful indoor wedding chapel, as well as a lovely outdoor chapel for elopements or small weddings. We can also help with a few ideas for local parks and such! Our service area is full of gorgeous scenery during any season of the year and we’d love to help you find the perfect location.

Do you stay for the reception?

Usually not. This adds several hours to my officiants’ days, and we would prefer to invest those hours in your ceremony preparation and performance. Each of our couples chooses whether to invite their officiant and spouse/guest to the reception, it is certainly not required. If you would like to invite your officiant to the reception, please extend a formal invitation to them directly and they will let you know if it’s possible for them to stay.

I know we tip other vendors, but what about the officiant?

Gratuities are graciously accepted, but not required.

All of this sounds great! How can we move forward with booking you as our wedding officiant?

Please fill out the contact form on any page to check our availability for your wedding date, and we will get right back to you!

What if I have another question you haven’t answered here?

That’s an easy one! Call us at 518-587-1468 or email us at CelebrantRonHunt@yahoo.com and we will be happy to answer any question you may have. We look forward to talking to you! This is my full-time job, and it’s another reassurance to you, our client, that someone responds to their inquiries!

What is a Life Cycle Celebrant?

Certified Life Cycle celebrants spend a minimum of 6 months in a college-level curriculum learning the meaning of ceremony, how to structure and personalize services, writing papers, and having vocal evaluations. We are the Gold standard of Officiants. You may have found us by searching Google for “wedding officiants near me,” and booking a ceremony with a wedding celebrant is just icing on the wedding cake.

Any Professional Organizations?

Glad you asked, I am Regional Director for the American Association of Wedding Officiants, and have been awarded Best Places to Elope Awards!