I think it’s important to acknowledge, that we are not just selling a service, we are providing an experience. Your wedding is possibly the first large party that you have ever organized. Some of you have used partners, planners friends and dear relative, to organize the event, and plan all the details.

Understandably, some of you are nervous, and want to micromanage the event, as well as the planning. This will cause you lost sleep, strayed friendships, and extra anxiety among your vendors. Which in turn, will increase your anxiety.

I always recommend a deep breath (several), and even will teach or reinforce some breathing exercises with you. You have chosen excellent vendors, and given them your preference. They should have all acknowledged and pledged to perform their jobs to your specifications.

If it makes you more comfortable, store all of this in a Bridal app, as you plan. Here are some excellent free ones:
Wedding Planner by The Knot
Honeyfund Wedding Registry
LadyMarry Wedding Planner
Wedding Wire Wedding Planner
Wedding LookBook
Table Plan
Tie The Knot
Wedding Countdown

Take another breath. Delegate remaining tasks among friends and family, if you are not using a planner. If something goes wrong, you will be able to forgive them. You will not forgive yourself, so easily.

Remember, you have hired me to be your officiant. You have seen every word of the service, and it will start your day spectacularly. Your guests will remember it, even your Aunt Sally, who will complain about the roast beef, as she always does. You can’t do anything about that!